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Maximize athletic potential through an interdisciplinary holistic functional medicine approach to physical therapy.

There is a visceral cause for all orthopedic and neurological dysfunction.

There is a modality for each tissue, each system, each individual human.

Electrical flow and water flow are normalized to drive homeostasis.

Magnet therapy

Magnet therapy involves placement of powerful HACI neodymium magnets over acidic injured sites. These magnets are composed of rare alloys with a strength of >2500 guass. Inflammation thrives in an acidic environment. HACI magnets raise the pH of the tissue to a more alkaline state. Alkaline tissue means inflammation cannot exist in that environment.  The clinical advantage is the therapist is working with tissue that will allow oxygen to be introduced, thus facilitating a healing environment. No magnets means no pH advantage.  All patients start with magnet therapy to address the inflammed visceral organs revealed via FLIR infrared thermal imaging assessment.  This is the only clinic in the country identifying, prioritizing and treating the pH and temperature of inflamed visceral tissue.

ACE Medicupping

ACE Medicupping is an evolution of massage cupping as new equipment is located and innovative application is developed. This machine, combined with the creativity of the therapist , lends to the most dynamic of treatments.  MC-600 uses custom made hand blown glasses of varying sizes. The vacuum produces separation in tissue layers at varying intensities. Unlike negative pressure used in other cultures, we can quantify treatment.  This increases inter- and intra-rater reliability.  Clinically effective. The use of suction is invaluable in separating layers of soft tissue, scars and restricted fascia.  However the value lies in addressing quality of tissue.  Proteins that cause inflammation can be released and flow out via the lymphatic system. This is followed by water infusion of the inflamed tissue.  This technique cools tissue from the inside out.  It drops the temperature of tissue back to homeostasis or tissue equilibrium.  Normalizes elevated internal tissue temperature from an increased sum of metabolic reactions associated with compromised tissue.  For recovery purposes, we decompress the tissue around the nerve lines.  It facilitates neural firing that can be carried over to athletic performance.  No other clinic in is addressing organ health and function.  Functional medicine strategies in a physical therapy setting that makes us stand out above every other clinic.


ACE Massage Cupping

ACE Massage Cupping is a modern form of vacuum therapy that employs suction and negative pressure with manual vacuum pistols and plastic cups of varying size. It is used to separate tissue to create a hi to low pressure differential that allows all elements that obey hydrodynamics (physics of water) to normalize.  It bring water and blood to body tissues, move inflammatory proteins to the superficial skin level for release, drain excess fluids and eliminate toxins by opening lymphatic pathways. Vacuum therapy is incredibly versatile and can be customized for lymphatic drainage, enhancing recovery or deep tissue release. Each treatment session focuses on "re-education of the lymphatic system."

Myofascial strategies

In addition to using his own innovative approach to treating tissue clinically,  Fabian Garcia DPT uses theories, concepts and strategies from three additional healthcare pioneers.

  • Functional Range Conditioning.  Functional Range Release.  Theory created and taught by Dr. Andreo Spina and Dr.Michael Chivers.  Tissue mobilization is performed to decrease neuromuscular firing and formally communicate with cells. FRC theory establishes clinical application of applied force to communicate longitudinally with the deepest anatomical elements.  Articular issue can be regenerated and made "bullet proof" with this system of clinical application.  FRR or Functional Range Releae is the new gold standard for clinical palpation.  FRR emphasizes anatomical reference points, proper layering and directionality of manual work.  This framework along with clinical intuition and intent provides outstanding guideline to palpation and treatment of tissue.
  • Stop Chasing Pain.  Dr. Perry Nickelston.  Lymphatic system assessment and treatment.  The lymphatic system is the most under evaluated system in American healthcare.  This systems mobilizes 15 Liters of lymph compared to 5 Liters of blood.  White blood cells and inflammatory proteins travel thru this sytem as well.  Blockages in this system will lead to chronic dysfunction and autoimmune conditions.
  • Stecco Method.  Myofascial manipulation created by Dr. Luigi Stecco.  The Stecco family from Padua, Italy are regarded as the Godfathers of fascial manipulation.  Dr. Antonio Stecco and Dr. Carla Stecco carry on the cumulative research, continuing education and evolving treatment of their father Dr. Luigi Stecco's work in the field of myofascial manipulation.  The Stecco Method is a complete system of clinical history, deductive reasoning, hypothesis formation, palpation verification and movement verification.  Treatment revolves around on Stecco points and spirals with very specific technique.  This family's work embodies a long history of research, clinical application and consequent treatment upon which most of the world's best healthcare practitioners are based of.


Graston technique is instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization. It effectively allows clinicians to treat tissue until the rate of nerve firing achieves a more normal firing rate. It allows a deeper more sensitive palpation than the 7 mm allowed by the fingers tips of a therapists. Clinically effective for dense multilayered anatomy such as the extremely dense retinaculum of the plantar fascia or the hand complex.  All Graston work is followed up with FRC principles to create ownership of the new range of motion.


PerfomTex Kinesiology Athletic Tape employs second skin technology. This tape is the result of $8million dollars of US Army research.  It has a specific elasticity to mimic the elasticity and thickness of human skin (15%). It is designed specifically for neuro-structural taping techniques. However, application theory is now evolving to taping motion as well as injured tissue. Three details make this taping superior to similar products on the market.

Patented twin groove technology for quicker perspiration and breathability.

Opposing sine wave pressure diamond pattern to dampen pain receptors.

Heat activated adhesive to allow for repeated editing for a perfect application each time.

Always custom made for every patient and injury.  We can modify pain, mimic the lymphatic system, reinforce compromised retinaculum or increase the strength of a concentric muscle contraction by up to 15%.  This tape in conjunction with the designations of dense retinacular tissue (provided by the Stecco Family) make this tape an incredibly rich feedback modality to the central nervous system.  Skin and brain both come from the ectoderm during embryological development.  Brain is skin and skin is brain.  Immediately effective in increasing function fast.


PowerDot is a professional electrostimulation system for sports purposes. The active recovery system eliminates lactic acid byproducts, increases blood flow and stimulates endorphin release through manipulation of different electrical frequencies. Great for sports recovery of superficial muscle groups. Electrical resistance training will increase speed of contraction and muscular strength based on muscle priority for specific sports or post-op.  Dr. Verkoshansky, godfather of the Russian plyometrics system, proved that the most efficient way to strengthen a deficit muscle is through electrical stimulation, not isolation exercises.  Great strategy for post-ops that want to stimulate muscle tissue hypertrophy without stressing the articulation.  Indicated for serious athletes and post-ops who want to address specific strength deficits without taxing the joint or vertebral column with excessive forces associated with heavy resisted compound movements. 


Rich-Mar wet lead hi-volt is electricity applied through a dispersal head. Unlike conventional hi-volt, the entire body is grounded on a wet dispersal unit. They don't exist anymore!  This is the deepest application of electricity and allows for electrical homeostasis.  We use the FLIR thermal imaging camera to determine tissue inflammation.  The hi-volt is now used on the liver, the brachial plexus or the vagus nerve.  It provides a direct way to stimulate the vagus nerve, which is responsible for regulation of all internal organs and global inflammation.