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Force = Mass x Acceleration.  True sports science from the theories and published work of Dr. Verkoshansky.  Implementation of power programs are the results of modern approaches from experts such as Joe DeFranco and Nick Curson from Speed of Sport.  As a result, the concepts and principles for our explosive power development and our acceleration and speed training come from the best in the United States.  In sport, "speed kills".  The athlete that is able to do their job faster will prove superior.  All barefoot training on our indoor turf.  We teach proper sprint  and change of direction mechanics.  We teach proper landing mechanics through depth jumps and box jumps.  Our programs can also develop power from multiple angles focusing on upper body, lower body or whole body force generation.  We use a spectrum of training techniques including SuperCAT, Rogue sleds, Kettlebells USA, Elite power med balls, EliteFTS resistance bands, Rogue foam plyo boxes, Onnit steel maces and steel chains.

The Corexcell Sport Training Link Machine 

Manufactured by Zachary Fuller, www.corexcell.com

Accelerating Isokinetic Machine. Replicates rate of force production. This equipment is custom made with an exceptional design that allows development of the nervous system in a unique way that impacts power and strength. The force applied to the machine determines the resistance. This neurologically trains you to produce force maximally through the entire range of motion. There is no isometric and eccentric phase on the movement using the Link. There is no heavy load so there is no delayed onset muscle soreness. You will get stronger on this machine without experiencing any delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).   This design allows rapid load, rapid stretch and rapid refire.  There are six different levels of resistance.  EliteFTS monster bands add variable resistance through range of motion as well as speeding up the rapid refire rate.  Experience strength gains quickly. The majority of sports involve unilateral concentric contractions or exploding of one leg.  This machine provides the most significant stimulation to nervous system of any strength equipment that exists.

Super CAT 

Created by Gary Fuller of Powernetics. Super Compensatory Acceleration Technique machine.

This machine is custom made with an exceptional design that allows development of the nervous system in a way that uniquely impacts power and speed while minimizing injury. It is the core of our explosive movement and plyometric series. We use low resistance at 30% of a one rep max to train speed as suggested by Dr. Verkoshansky, the inventor of plyometrics strength training in Russia.  The rapid-fire nature of the movement in addition with a physioball modification provides a ballistic movement, which decreases the amortization phase of any plyometric exercise. This is the most crucial element in the production of power, as the duration must be kept to a minimum. If this phase lasts too long, the energy stored dissipates thus negating the effect.  Thanks to Nick Curson from Speed of Sport for demonstrating numerous creative applications for this machine for both upper body, lower body and whole body power and speed generation.  

Functional Range Conditioning (FRC)

This course is the heart of this clinic.  It lies as the foundation of our assessment and it drives clinical strategy.  Developed by Dr. Andreo Spina and Dr. Michael Chivers, FRC is a comprehensive joint training system based in scientific principles and research. The three main goals are all closely interrelated and acquired simultaneously: mobility development, joint strength and body control.  It focuses on the active, usable motion that an individual possesses as well as "bullet proofing" your joints against potential injury.  Fabian Garcia, DPT and his staff are FRC certified.  Upon initial evaluation, FRC theory is explained and application is taught.  Home exercise program is continually reinforced until it is done correctly on a daily basis.  The clinic also hosts Kinstretch classes, group class of FRC.  The clinic is host to Functional Range Release taught by Dr. Michael Chivers. This is the new worldwide gold standard in palpation assessment and treatment.

Movement Training

Inspired by great movers such as Ido Portal, Dr. Andreo Spina, Dewey Nielsen, Captain Stefano and Primal Movers.  The goal is to create a forum to exchange information on various types of movements.  Ido Portal describes this forum's intention as "moving us away from the separation of health, aesthetics, performance and art."  The big picture is to develop tools to support BOTH an individuals's practice of isolated movements (sport specific) as well as wider spectrum ones (proper three dimensional human beings).  The focus is on adaptability and intelligence of the movement practitioner.  This constant flow of new information will prevent neurological stagnation most often found in other systems of training.  Tools include proper use of bodyweight training as well as unconventional training tools such as Elite FTS monster minibands, Rogue gymnastics rings, Kettlebells USA , and Onnit steel maces and Indian Clubs.  The time for change is now.

Dynamic Physioball Work

System of dynamic pattern activation with a concentration on PNF movement with both the arms and the legs. Movement performed on a physioball to keep the work dynamic.  Very light loading keeps the movement very ballistic.  Additional emphasis is placed on proper postural alignment, rhythm, diaphragmatic breathing, core strength and coordination plus joint mobility. It requires dynamic control of limbs in space in all 3 ranges of motion. Progressions involve high rates of acceleration, more frequent change of directions, catch and release techniques, and resistance by low weight power balls and cuff weights.  Excellent for teaching neuromuscular speed of contraction.  Original concepts were developed by Marinovich Training Systems.

Core work

Stability can be defined as control in the presence of change. We want stability in addition to neutral posture and deep diaphragmatic breathing to provide the best potential outcome for efficient movement. Bracing progresses by creating isometric intra-abdominal pressure and moving to the outer core three dimensionally.  We are one of the few PT clinics in the United States that teaches a three-dimensional brace based of principles of Joe DeFranco.  These conditions create pretensioning for dynamic movement. The final results are incredibly powerful anti-flexion, anti-extension and anti-rotation stability movements.  We use USA Kettlebells, EliteFTS monster mini bands, Rogue bamboo bar, Rogue GHD.  Stability work is implemented into every patient's routine, regardless of injury.


Foot structure has 26 bones and 33 joints each comprising ¼ of total skeletal structure. This structure produces the most force off a sprint or a jump peaking at five times body weight. Muscles in the leg cannot overpower the feet. If not, the athlete cannot maximally transfer that energy up the kinetic chain. Every patient runs through our footwork program. The program addresses ankle mobility and strength of the five-toe complex, especially the big toe. Many clinicians feel dynamic midline is controlled almost exclusively through the hallux complex. These movements allow the athlete to understand where their power comes from.  We use wood and steel slant boards, instability discs, PVC pipes, BOSU balance trainer, SuperCAT, The Link, Rogue Powersled, and the REI slackline.

Stick Mobility

Stick Mobility is a system that uses Sherrington's Law of Irradiation to access greater range of motion thru neuromuscular component.  Worked is coupled with the Naboso Mat Technology, the first evidence based mat designed to stimulate the small nerve propioceptors in the bottom of the feet.  The stick is a perfect partner with the FRC principles that really drive the clinic movement therapy.  Our body lets us produce the amount of power that our joint stability allows.  All patient and professional athlete movement development starts with the stick.  The clinic is also a proud host of Stick Mobility seminars.