Fabian Garcia DPT
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Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 7 am to 11 am.

Monday and Thursday: 2pm to 8 pm.

Fabian Garcia, DPT has been a licensed physical therapy with the state of New York for eleven years. Physical therapists are autonomous in New York State after five years of clinical practice. Patients do not need a referral from a MD to be treated by Fabian Garcia, DPT.


Fabian Garcia, DPT is an out of network physical therapy provider in New York. The following health insurance companies with out of network benefits are accepted by Fabian Garcia, DPT:

United Health Care (case by case)
Cigna (case by case)
Aetna (except Aetna Select and Aetna Elect Choice)
BCBS (case by case depending on out of state providers)

We process all health insurance claims thru a third party provider.

Out of pockets charges for physical therapy are $200 per treatment session. Credit cards or cash accepted.


Dr. Fabian Garcia employs an interdisciplinary approach to treating orthopedic conditions as well as overall patient health. Five major systems of the human body are assessed and treated in conjunction with the orthopedic issues.

Lymphatic system. Circulatory system.  Myofascial highways. Nervous system. Articular system. 

He also assess global, systemic and local inflammation thru sophisticated medical thermal imaging cameras and software.

All initial evaluations start reviewing and exploring theory of Functional Range Conditioning followed by teaching CARs (Continuous Articular Rotations) routine.  Treatment strategies are then explored using one of four strategies.

Dr. Fabian Garcia employs movement therapy and strength-speed or speed-strength training based off decades of clinical research by Dr. Yuri Verkhoshansky, great Russian inventor of plyometric training. Fabian Garcia, DPT combines philosophies from

to customize each patient's movement programs.

The cutting edge approach via interdisciplinary physical therapy treatment combined with the most research based principles and methods of training on functional custom made equipment (the LINK and the SuperCAT) produces to the most intelligent, efficient, comprehensive way of treating patients and athletes.  Dr. Fabian Garcia also possesses a separate Masters of Science degree in Applied Kinesiology and Biomechanics.  The highest level of education combined with latest technology creates healthcare strategies at a more impactful level than any other healthcare practitioner in the United States.  

Consecutive treatment is based only off feedback and communication between the doctor and patient.  All short term and long term goals are then to be defined and accordingly scheduled.  All feedback is consistent via text messages to insure quick response time and results.

Continuing Education:

Fabian Garcia Physical Therapy hosts various seminars in both continuing education on topics of healthcare or movement.  He is the proud New York host for Functional Range Release, the gold standard of Anatomy palpation taught by Dr. Michael Chivers.  He hosts Stick Mobility seminars twice a year.  He is looking forward to hosting Speed of Sport seminars, created by Nick Curson out of California.

Fabian Garcia Physical Therapy hosts weekly Kinstretch classes as well as individual personal training (provided by his assistants).  Further inquiry can be made at the clinic number: (212) 239-0830.  

Dr. Fabian Garcia also sponsors several professional athletes plus "up and coming" athletes in the New York area.  He particularly works with the growing combat sports community in NYC and MLB talent.   He also allots a significant portion of time to educating other healthcare practitioners, coaches, athletic trainers and athletes who are interested in his techniques.  He inspires others to learn, self-empower and further themselves thru continuing education.  For further inquiry, please send an email directly to him at fabiangarciadpt@gmail.com.